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Duke Nukem Forever Has Gone Gold, No Joke

"Vaporware no more – 2K Games and Gearbox Software today announced that "Duke Nukem Forever" has gone gold and will ship to North American retailers on June 14. The international shipping date is June 10." Read more here.


Comprehensive Guide to Video Game Emulators

"...we're here to tell you exactly what they are, how they work, and even offer a comprehensive directory of the best ones for your favorite platform." Read more here.


PSN password resets exploited, accounts compromised again

"Just two days after the PlayStation Network was restored after a near month-long outage, the PSN password page has apparently been exploited. According to reports, the exploit allows other users to reset your account password using only your e-mail address and date of birth. This personal data was made available to hackers during the initial PSN attack." Read more here.


Most content online is now paid for, thanks to Netflix

"Netflix streaming movies now fill more of the U.S.'s internet tubes than any other service, including peer-to-peer file sharing, which long held the top spot -- to the consternation of Hollywood." Read more here.


Magicka Review

"Magicka is a rare gem in a world filled with boring FPS games that use the same recycled storyline and formula, and the Vietnam DLC is there to extend the fun. Whether you'll be playing it solo or, better yet, with a group of budding magic slingers, Magicka will please gamers of all ages. For such a low price, its hard not to give praise to this truly great game and its pint sized DLC." Read more here.


BioWare hits delays on Mass Effect 3, Star Wars

"Two of BioWare's biggest titles, single-player RPG Mass Effect 3 and Lucas-approved massively multiplayer RPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, have had their schedules updated with a delay - and may now not appear until 2012." Read more here.


Court imposes limits on class actions

"The Supreme Court on Wednesday limited the ability of people to combine forces and fight corporations together when they want to dispute contracts for cell phones, cable television and other services, a move consumer advocates called a crushing blow." Read more here.


Shogun 2: Total War Review

"Shogun 2 represents the culmination of Creative's past experiences. It is refined, lean, smartly designed, and still an epic, where tales of your conquests can be so exciting that that alone could warrant a purchase." Read more here.


DRM run amok: how Bioware and EA are screwing users right now

"For four days now, those of us who made the mistake of shelling out for Dragon Age:Origins (especially the Ultimate Edition) have been unable to play the single-player game that we paid for.


Scientists settle centuries-old debate on perception

"Researchers said Sunday they had solved a conundrum about human perception that has stumped philosophers and scientists alike since it was first articulated 323 years ago by an Irish politician in a letter to John Locke." Read more here.


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