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4G Wireless Speed Tests: Which Is Really the Fastest?

"By now you've seen all the ads pitching wireless companies' new 4G mobile broadband services and devices. But beyond all the buzzwords and hype, which companies can reliably provide next-generation speed?" Read more here.


Confessions of a computer games addict

"Children are falling asleep in the classroom after playing computer games all night, a concerned teacher warned this week. Recovered addict Tom Meltzer knows why they're hooked." Read more here.


Bulletstorm Review

"With a name like Bulletstorm, you kind of build up certain expectations even if you have no idea what the game is about. There will be bullets, so guns. There will be a storm of bullets, so a lot of guns and a lot other guys shooting you with guns. So, a shooter, but way crazy. If that's your conclusion, you aren't that far off." Read more here.


Can Xoom's lure of 4G get past price tag, iPad2?

"The Motorola Xoom, the highly anticipated Google Android 3 tablet that’s considered to be the first real contender to the iPad, is being released today. But don’t expect any long lines outside Verizon stores for it. Now that Apple has issued invitations for a news event next week, the buzz is that details of the iPad 2 will be out sooner, rather than later." Read more here.


Burglar caught after posting evidence to Facebook

"A man dubbed the 'Facebook Burglar' has been brought to justice after he posted a picture of himself posing with his ill-gotten gains to the Facebook profile of the unlucky homeowner's son." Read more here.


Piracy once again fails to get in way of record box office

"The movie business has—yet again—run up record numbers at the box office. In 2010, theaters around the world reported a combined total revenue of $31.8 billion, up 8 percent from 2009. While the industry certainly has its share of piracy problems, they aren't affecting box office receipts." Read more here.

Cuban star asks Obama, Google for free internet

"Cuban folk star Silvio Rodriguez has asked US President Barack Obama and Google CEO Eric Schmidt to provide developing countries with free internet access." Read more here.


The Boy Who Stole Half-Life 2

"At 6am on 7th May 2004, Axel Gembe awoke in the small German town of Schönau im Schwarzwald to find his bed surrounded by police officers. Automatic weapons were pointing at his head and the words "Get out of bed. Do not touch the keyboard" were ringing in his ears." Read more here.


Crysis 2 Be Strong Trailer

"A new "Crysis 2" trailer was released today, giving viewers more of a look at the upcoming FPS sequel by Crytek." Read more here.


Old Republic rumoured for September

"Long-awaited MMO Star Wars: Old Republic will be released worldwide this September, development sources have told MCV." Read more here.



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