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GOP pushing for ISPs to record user data

"A House panel chaired by Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin is scheduled to hold a hearing tomorrow morning to discuss forcing Internet providers, and perhaps Web companies as well, to store records of their users' activities for later review by police." Read more here.


Sony unveils 'Next Generation Portable,' the new PSP

"At a live event in Tokyo, Sony on Thursday unveiled what many had come to call the PlayStation Portable 2, its long-awaited, all-new handheld video game console. Known officially as the "Next Generation Portable," the device will be available this holiday season. Sony has not yet said what the new PSP will cost." Read more here.


7 modern car technologies that are actually 100 years old

"The idea of turbo-compressing seems to come from the 1890s and became widely known in less than a decade, starting around 1900. By about 1905, centrifugal compression was in use in marine engines and other heavy-duty applications. That same year, Swiss engineer Dr.

Gadgets: built to not last

"Of course, everything ends up broken, obsolete and unusable at some point. The trouble is, the companies that make our consumer electronics are deliberately or carelessly decreasing the useful life of our gadgets so they can sell us another one sooner." Read more here.

Sequels dominate the most anticipated video games of 2011

"let's look at the cornucopia of notable sequels coming to consoles this year — at least, the ones with announced release dates. Yes, I know, I could rail about how there are no new ideas, but remember: Each of these titles started out as a new IP, too, so there's always hope." Read more here.


Playing video games won't make you fat

"They found that video games were no more a factor in determining weight or body-mass-index (BMI) than Internet or mobile phone use." Read more here.


The video game record books

"Crazy about video games, feel that you are the best in a video game, then here is your chance to enter the record books. Yes and that too in to the bible of records -the Guinness book of world records." Read more here.


Video games can hook children, study finds

"A new study bolsters the argument that video games can be addictive for children, and even suggests that the addiction can affect their depression and anxiety levels." Read more here.

Exclusive: Duke Nukem Forever Has A Release Date, New Trailer

"Duke Nukem Forever has been in development for a little while. To give you a sense of just how much time has passed since it was first announced, Gran Turismo--a series known for its punctuality--saw releases 1-5 hit shelves in the intervening years." Read more here.


FTC Is In Talks With Adobe About Flash Privacy Issues

"So-called Flash cookies—chunks of data embedded in the Adobe Flash Player on internet users’ browsers that can’t be eliminated with standard privacy controls—have been on the radar of privacy advocates since last year. But the FTC made it clear today that it’s now starting to take a more active role in addressing what it referred to as the “Flash problem.”" Read more here.



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