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Top 10 Most Infamous Black Hat Hackers of All Time

"I have gathered here a list of ten of the most popular cyber-criminals the world has ever known. These evil geniuses were involved in high profile hacking that possibly caused millions, if not billions of dollars in total damages." Read more here.


New type of nuclear fission discovered

"Now, experiments at the European particle physics laboratory at the Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) near Geneva in Switzerland have found the isotope mercury-180 splits asymmetrically into ruthenium-100 and krypton-80 rather than the expected zirconium-90." Read more here.

Amazon goes Hollywood with new online movie studio

"The new Internet movie studio will allow writers to upload screenplays to its website where the global Internet audience can read them and offer feedback, or producers/directors can use them to make test movies. The test movies, which must be at least 70 minutes in length, can also be uploaded." Read more here.

Light bending by a black hole may offer proof of extra dimensions

"Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania report that a new test for measuring the ability of gravity to bend light seen from distant stars around large objects like black holes may offer proof of the existence of extra dimensions in the universe." Read more here.


Combination of Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 2 coming for free

"EA is doubling down with its free-to-play strategy, this time with a brand-new Battlefield title that will be "a deep PC shooter featuring signature Battlefield vehicular warfare, sandbox gameplay and intense 32-player online battles."" Read more here.


A cure for the common cold?

"Viruses are mankind’s biggest killer, responsible for twice as many deaths each year as cancer, yet they are among the hardest of all diseases to treat. Previously scientists believed that antibodies could only reduce infection by attacking viruses outside cells and also by blocking their entry into cells." Read more here.

Why do smart kids grow up to be heavier drinkers?

"A pair of new studies suggests a correlation between intelligence and a thirst for alcohol." Read more here.

Signs of Destroyed Dark Matter Found in Milky Way's Core

"Cosmologists say they’ve found the most compelling evidence of dark matter particles to date, deep inside the Milky Way’s core." Read more here.


Old Insect Trove Found in Indian Amber

"A collection of amber deposits unearthed in northwest India has opened a spectacular window into insect life some 50 million years ago." Read more here.

Review of Rock Band 3

"Rock Band 3 is a major leap forward for what was already an innovative series, and once again Harmonix proves itself to be the leader in rhythm games. Rock Band 3 won't just let you pretend to play instruments, it will teach you how to play them. The keyboard isn't just a cute peripheral, it's a working MIDI controller.



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