Welome to the land of verbal wedgies.

The World's Most Advanced Bionic Arm

"Jonathan Kuniholm's right arm terminates in a carbon-fiber sleeve trailing cables connected to a PC. He has no right hand, unless you count the virtual one on a display in front of him. The CG hand, programmed to look like silvery stainless steel, moves through a sequence of motions: spherical grasp, cylindrical grasp, thumb to forefinger -- all in response to signals from Kuniholm's muscles picked up by electrodes in the sleeve." Read more here.

Eight-million-year-old bug is alive and growing

"An 8-million-year-old bacterium that was extracted from the oldest known ice on Earth is now growing in a laboratory, claim researchers." Read more here.

Id gets Steamed

"Id Software released a joint-press release with Valve Software that announced arrival of all the game franchises to Steam, Valve's on-line game distribution system. As of today, Steamed users can download complete library from the wizards of id." Read more here.


Water cooled hard drives ready to make a splash

"Score one for water-cooling fanatics. NEC and Hitachi just announced a partnership focused on developing a liquid cooling system for hard drives. Let's take a look at how liquid cooling typically works, why it's attractive, and how Hitachi and NEC plan to liquid cool a hard drive." Read more here.


Google shows phone prototype to manufacturers

"Google has developed a prototype cell phone that could reach markets within a year, and plans to offer consumers free subscriptions by bundling advertisements with its search engine, e-mail and Web browser software applications, according to a story published today in The Wall Street Journal." Read more here.

WoW: Wrath of the Lich King

"It's official: The next World of WarCraft expansion is coming; it's called Wrath of the Lich King, and will open up the continent of Northrend to players of level 68 and above." Read more here.


Crysis Release Date Set for November 16

"Console gamers will have many, many amazing games to play this holiday season, but PC gamers will have an exclusive title to make the console crowd jealous. This game, of course, is Crysis – a title that has already wowed anyone who has seen video of screenshots of the gorgeous graphics." Read more here.


New Army Robots Lug Machine Guns to Iraqi Battlefield

"The U.S. Army is stepping up things in the battlefield robot arena dramatically with its new Special Weapons Observation Remote reconnaissance Direct action System (SWORDS). Three SWORDS robots were deployed in Iraq and their capabilities put human soldiers out of harm’s way." Read more here.

Welcome back.

Got hax0red by l33t peeps, so I installed the Drupal Content Management System to replace the ancient PHP-Nuke site that was here. Drupal is a pretty good system, but I don't really care for the forum module, but it's a very flexible system so I'll see if I can make some improvements to it over time.

I toyed with writing something to import the old usernames and passwords, but decided that starting from scratch wouldn't be too much of a burden on everyone, so you'll need to re-register for an account.



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