Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Interview

"Call of Duty is primarily known for its influential and immersive single-player campaigns, but its multiplayer components are also some of the most popular on the market. For Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat (PC, PS3, X360), series creator Infinity Ward is back in the driver's seat, shedding the exhaustively explored World War II setting in favor of a fictional but realistic modern-day storyline." Read more here.


Halo 3 Video Game Pre-Orders Top 1 Million

"Microsoft today proudly announced that its highly anticipated Halo 3 video game recently exceeded 1 million pre-orders." Read more here.


Nintendo Releases Version 3 Wii System Software

"For those who haven't yet noticed the glowing blue light on their Wii consoles, Nintendo has quietly released version 3 of its system software. Much of the improvements are to the Wii's Channel interface, which help usability." Read more here.


Judge blocks California's violent video game law

"A federal judge ruled on Monday a California law to label violent video games and bar their sale to minors was unconstitutional, prompting Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to say he would appeal the ruling." Read more here.


World of Warcraft coming to the big screen

"Fans attending BlizzCon 2007 had even more to roll their smiley face dice about when Blizzard Entertainment CEO Chris Metzen and Legendary Pictures chairman Thomas Tull announced more details about the upcoming movie that Legendary will be doing based on the popular PC game WORLD OF WARCRAFT." Read more here.


Id gets Steamed

"Id Software released a joint-press release with Valve Software that announced arrival of all the game franchises to Steam, Valve's on-line game distribution system. As of today, Steamed users can download complete library from the wizards of id." Read more here.


WoW: Wrath of the Lich King

"It's official: The next World of WarCraft expansion is coming; it's called Wrath of the Lich King, and will open up the continent of Northrend to players of level 68 and above." Read more here.


Crysis Release Date Set for November 16

"Console gamers will have many, many amazing games to play this holiday season, but PC gamers will have an exclusive title to make the console crowd jealous. This game, of course, is Crysis – a title that has already wowed anyone who has seen video of screenshots of the gorgeous graphics." Read more here.



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